Family Updates/Unit Overviews

At the beginning or end of every unit, I sent home an update to every family. For students that lived in more than one family, I sent home an update to each of their families. These updates will show you how I managed to “uncover” (Tomlinson & McTigh, 2006) the complete 7th grade social studies curriculum in a manner that allowed all students to access the deep understandings and essential questions while simultaneously developing their skills and building their knowledge base. I always read these aloud to the class, so that the students were able to hear my plans and/or reflections, and so that they could ask for clarification or raise issues of concern. They will also show you how I tried to make my teaching accessible to students and families. They show how I informed students and families of what and how I intended to teach, as well as how I invited input from students and families in order to revise my plans to make them more inclusive and affirming.

Welcome Letter:

Overview of the Year:

Grading Policy and Discipline

End of European Middle Ages, beginning Inca (There is an essay assignment referenced in this update. Click to see it.)

End of Inca, beginning Contact between Europeans and Indigenous Peoples

Colonial America

American Revolution

End of American Revolution, beginning of In-Depth research

Finishing up the research

American Civil War and Reconstruction

Final Project for the Year