These resources can support standards-aligned learning, the New York State Social Studies Standards, & the C3 Framework. The standards and framework together call for us to embed civic engagement/citizenship in ways that are relevant to our students and that promote student action.

Social Studies C3 Webpage

MLK Community Build Work:

MLK Lesson Plan Book: (It may take a while to download. Totally worth the wait.)
(These lesson plans were created using the principals of Inclusion and UbD, and are directly linked to the NYS Learning Standards prior to the Common Core. Educators using these today should be sure to integrate the newest Learning Standards into these lessons. This should not be too difficult for us to do. If you need help, please send me an email -

(A few items/resources in the book might no longer be accessible via the links, etc. Email me at and I will get you the resources you are looking for.)

Resources cited in booklet:

Using Vitamin L Songs to Enhance and Expand Lesson Plans for the MLK Community Build:

Samples of Student Work

Please note: In the lesson plan book, there are references to a wiki that could be used for discussions, posting of work samples, etc. This wiki no longer exists. To see what these wikis had originally looked like, visit the following site:
Each school had it's own wiki, and all of the wikis were linked back to one general homepage. If you work in the ICSD and are willing to use the above example and create these wikis yourself, please email me and let me know. Your contribution to this effort would be greatly appreciated. (Barry)

Background History
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Ongoing Workshop Series

District Wide Committee