Ithaca City School District
Staff Development
Teacher Annual Professional Goals Form
2009 2010 plans.pdf

Teacher: Barry Derfel
Year: 2009 – 2010
Goal (student outcome focused):
To increase student academic and co-curricular performance throughout the district, while simultaneously reducing disproportionality.
Means (teacher action focused):
Using the methodology of transformative pedagogy and with the explicit intention of focusing on student outcomes, I will:
  • Assist Jeff Tomasik in the development, coordination, and monitoring of the educational programs at Northeast Elementary School:
    • Supervise and evaluate designated instructional staff, support staff, and other personnel as agreed upon by teacher, principal, and appropriate union.
    • Develop teacher skill in using formative assessment and differentiated instruction in order to promote effective inclusion and support Response to Intervention (RTI) initiatives.
    • Assist principal and staff in gathering, interpreting, and using data to improve instruction and reduce the education gap. Provide training and support in the use of Data Mentor, COGNOS, NYSTART, and SCHOOL TOOL for this purpose.
    • Assist principal and staff in coordinating building and district resources, including personnel, space, and daily schedule, to improve instruction, with specific emphasis on eliminating special education disproportionality in Math and English Language Arts results.
    • Adjust extended day program to support school efforts to reduce the education gap, with a focus on student selection process, removing transportation barriers, and monitoring curriculum.
    • Conduct conferences about students and school issues with families, students, and teachers.
    • Facilitate a protocol with principal to establish effective communications with families, including regular column in monthly newsletter.
    • Serve on Northeast Elementary School Site Council.
    • Attend elementary principals meetings.
  • Co-facilitate staff development which integrates and embeds equity, literacy, technology, and classroom climate.
    • District-wide series
    • Building-based support
    • In/with community
  • Assist Kim Fontana in the development, coordination, and monitoring of district-wide professional development.
    • Coach staff developers in the creation of content maps for each of the major training series being offered this year.
    • Coach staff developers and director in aligning and integrating all staff development in connection to Board of Education Priorities, RtI, DI, and Inclusion, and Equity Action Plans; integrating and embedding equity, technology, literacy, and classroom climate into all staff development work.
    • Co-facilitate bi-weekly staff-developer meetings.
    • Create a spreadsheet with the following information: all buildings, all staff, all staff teaching, planning, and meeting schedules, all staff teaching responsibilities and grade-level assignments, etc.
    • Utilize spreadsheet to plan in-building and across building staff development delivery.
    • Bring together district leaders to facilitate alignment and integration of staff development to support Board of Education Priorities, RtI, DI, and Inclusion, and Equity Action Plans.
  • Coordinate district participation in the MLK Community Build project (PreK – 12).
    • Solicit and supervise staff involvement.
    • Supervise implementation, including curriculum integration and support.
    • Promote ongoing formative and summative assessment.
    • Develop and manage budget in accordance with District guidelines.
    • Collaborate with Project Look Sharp and other community partners.
    • Coordinate publicity.
    • Supervise participating educators as agreed upon by teacher, principal, and appropriate union.
  • Actively participate in administrative team meetings, Committee on Learning and Technology (COLT), Elementary Principals meetings, and the Regional Math Task Force.
  • Regularly attend Board of Education Meetings.

Evidence (documentation of student learning and teacher action):
  • Online spreadsheet will facilitate the documentation and communication of student outcomes and teacher actions:
    • All of my work will be identified and linked to wikis, blogs, digital images, and anecdotal information showing student outcomes and how they are linked to my work. Specifically:
      • projects I facilitate at Northeast
      • training sessions I facilitate with staff throughout the district
      • coaching I do with staff developers and director
      • my coordination of ICSD’s participation in the MLK Community Build
      • my work with district leaders

Staff Member: Barry Derfel
Date: 9/24/09
Evaluator: Kim Fontana
Date: 9/24/09