A 40 Minute Activity to Help You More Effectively Affirm Students and Families Whose Identities are Different from Your Own:

This activity is based on the following assumptions:
  1. Each member of the classroom community brings multiple identities with her/him to the classroom, and some of these identities are more visible than others.
  2. An affirming classroom celebrates and nurtures each individual student and her/his family.
  3. It is essential to step outside one’s comfort zone and learn in order to affirm diversity.

The Task:
In order to more effectively affirm students and families whose identities are different from your own, use either the “links” (http://barryderfelequity.wikispaces.com/Links) or "resource" (http://barryderfelequity.wikispaces.com/Resources) page
of my equity homepage to learn about contemporary issues, events, information, and/or the histories of peoples with identities other than your own. Once you get to the links page, follow the steps below:

Step One: Browse the section headings on the links page and use these headings to fill in the blanks below.

Identities, which are different from my own, that I need to learn more about:
1. _
2. _
3. _
4. _
5. _

Step Two: Choose one of the section headings to explore in more detail. Click on some of the links in the section you have chosen and complete the information below.

Link(s) that I chose to look at:

The information I am most interested in exploring is on the link called:

The information on this link is mainly in the form of: __ (text, podcasts, other)

*Spend 30 minutes or so exploring the information in depth.
* If you need help learning how to access this information, send me an e-mail (bderfel@icsd.k12.ny.us)with your specific question and I will explain to you what to do.