21st century classroom resources Podcasts, Blogs, Videos, etc.

These resources include media created by African Americans/black folks, as well as historical documents like t.v. news broadcasts, etc. My goal is to provide you with resources that affirm African Americans/black folks as meaningful contributors to our world and history in ways that deconstruct stereotypes, myths, and misinformation. Please let me know if you find something here that does not match my criteria, or if you have suggestions for other media to add.



These videos are taken from youtube. You need to be cautious when using these in class because they are still "live connections" to youtube and not just on my site. This means that as each video ends, or if you scroll to the "menu" button on a video, you will see a number of related videos at the bottom of the screen. I have not watched all of the related videos, and it's likely that many could contain innapropriate language, content, etc. I strongly suggest that you control these videos by showing them to your class, rather than having students go to the page themselves to watch them.

The New Jim Crow: Selected Lectures/Films

Toni Morrison Responds to Question about Why She Doesn't Write About White People

Lupita Nyong's Oscar Acceptance Speech - Beauty

Kenneth Clark Doll Experiment

Blue Scholars - "Joe Metro":
Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yh5ZS5N51ug&feature=related

Do You Believe in Me? (Click Here)

A Video Interview with Walter Dean Myers
(Click on the link and scroll down to where it says "view online. You will need realplayer to watch these. Realplayer is a free internet download.)

The following images should only be shown in connection with explicit teaching about the theory and power of nonviolence. Students should know the theory behind "acts of witness" and "filling the jails," and should be viewing these visual examples to concretize their learning. Otherwise, they can easily be internalized by all students in ways that reinforce the notion of black folks as victims, rather than as active resistors, of oppression. (If you would like me to come to your class for two 39 minute periods to teach King's theory of Nonviolence, for grades 5 - 12, contact me at sahasderf@twcny.rr.com)

Examples of Acts of Witness

Additional Video Resources:

Little Rock 9 Integration

Little Rock Integration actual footage

Little Rock Integration news footage

Birmingham 1963