Building Family-School Partnerships

Essential Questions:

  • How will success rates for all students increase as we strengthen family-school partnerships?
  • What is the difference between informing families and engaging families?
  • Do we really want to engage families as partners?

Major Understandings:

  • Strengthening family-school partnerships will support district efforts that are already underway to eliminate race, class, disability, and place of residence as predictors of student success.
  • Families and educators can work together to generate a collective understanding of the experiences of students and families in our schools and our communities.
  • Families and educators can work together to problem-solve and take actions which promote social justice within our schools and communities.
  • Building effective family-school partnerships requires trust, risk-taking, candor, and a willingness to reflect.

Brief Description:
In this series, participants will read JoBeth Allen’s Creating Welcoming Schools. The text will serve as a basis from which we work towards answering the essential questions above. Participants will share effective practices that they have used in the past and will apply new practices that are identified in the reading or surfaced in discussion among the group. In addition, we will spend time problem-solving solutions to the difficulties that arise in relation to implementing these changes.